Before using any of the designs or artwork here, please take note of the following rules:


Bullet Point 13.gif Use my design as much as you want for personal crafts. There is no need to credit me for personal crafts.

Bullet Point 13.gif Credit and link back to my blog if you share the designs online as pictures. If you download, print out and modify to create your own crafts (e.g. folding stars or creating a tag for a present), there is no need to credit me, although it would be appreciated if you were sharing a photo of the craft you created using my design.


Bullet Point 13.gif Involve my design in…

  • Commercial Use
  • Explicit Sexual/Violent/Gory/Disturbing Content
  • Hate Posts
  • Racist Posts
  • Anything that breaks the general law
  • If unsure, feel free to post a comment to ask me

Bullet Point 13.gif Claim my design as your own or post it onto another website WITHOUT modification and not credit me.

More will be added in time. Thank you for reading!